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Black High-quality Japanese Hibachi Chef Tall Hat Set

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Elevate your cooking game with the Popular Hibachi Chef Tall Hat Set - 4 pieces. The Tasteful Style Attire brand presents a chef tall hat, headband, necktie, and plastic tall hat insert holder, all featuring a traditional Hibachi chef design for authenticity. Whether you're a professional chef or home cook, this set is the perfect addition to your uniform for durability and comfort during long hours in the kitchen. The set includes a cotton and polyester tall hat, headband with adjustable Velcro closure, necktie, and plastic insert net. Measurements are as follows: tall hat adjusts from 21" to 23.5" in head circumference, 39" L x 2" W for the headband and necktie, and 27" W x 10.5" H for the plastic insert net. Take your Hibachi chef skills to the next level with this stylish set.