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Best Price and Popular Sushi Rice Cooking Net Sushi Rice Cooking Napkin

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Sushi Rice Cooking Net Sushi Rice Cooking Napkin.

To get tender, delicious rice. Rice never get overcooked. So easy to clean the pot. Easy to take out rice for handling. Use this polyester net cook rice for easy transfer from the rice cooker to rice warmer or hangiri.

Dimension: 45.3 inches x 39.4 inches

Material: Polyester

Made in Taiwan

How to use:

  1. Put the napkin flatly in the rice cooker, then pour washed rice onto it. 
  2. After rice cooked, lift four corners of the napkin. You can take out the cooked rice to warmer or hangiri. 
  3. Wash the rice net in the clean water before or after use.